Attacking Gaza

Gaza Children

December 2008, Attacking Gaza after a year and half of blockade

12-27-2008 - The terrorist state of Israel today attacked the civilian population in Gaza following a blockade which lasted a year and half that started the summer of 2007 on the freely elected government of Hamas. The below videos show the gruesome footage taken following a cowardly attack which resulted in over 300 people dead and 3 hospitals destroyed along with 3 universities completely wiped off the map. The below videos show the lies of Israel and it's leaders who claim that they do not target civilians. Videos are better than a 1000 words.

July 2007, Genocide in Gaza

Since the disengagement plan in 2005, the Palestinians in Gaza have been suffering the worst human tragedy that any nation has faced since the dawn of time. Surrounded by the IDF, deprived from basic human needs, and strictly prohibited from leaving Gaza. Some say the occupation's presence in Gaza made life a little easier than this. We have selected some resources below for you to understand, from unbiased resources like the UN and many respected journalists and human rights organizations, the magnitude of the disaster that is happening right now in Gaza following the disengagement plan.

Key events - June 2006

Genocide in Gaza

Gaza is a jail

Gaza in pictures

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