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VOP frequently alerts its membership with information related to the conflict and ways to react to certain issues that are crucial to the Palestinian cause. Please find below a list of recent alerts:-

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  • 7/6/2005Interview: Israeli settler Avi Farhan
  • 3/28/2004They Shoot Men in Wheelchairs, Too?
  • 2/5/2004Pursuing the Millenium
  • 1/16/2004Survival of the fittest
  • 1/16/2004In the Interest of Palestinians and Arabs
  • 12/17/2003Stand Up to Sharon
  • 11/15/2003Zionism as a Racist Ideology
  • 10/10/2003My Baby Boy's American Freedoms Vanish In Occupied Palestine
  • 9/28/2003Israeli air force grounds 'refuseniks'
  • 9/14/2003Howard Dean's call for "Even Handed" Mideast policy
  • 9/12/2003Rafah today: Mohammed reporting from Gaza
  • 8/28/2003CNN: Civilians living with fear in Gaza
  • 8/24/2003Israeli Troops Step up Harsh Treatment of Palestinian Civilians, Seal Towns, Villages
  • 6/28/2003"Because We Are Jews"
  • 6/28/2003Killings Are So Routine No One Notices : Ambient Death in Palestine
  • 6/27/2003Israeli forces invade Rafah camp leaving 5 homes demolished and more than 10 people injured
  • 6/22/2003HA'ARETZ: IDF soldier allegedly forced Palestinian to drink toxic liquid
  • 6/14/2003British Students 'Tortured' by Israel
  • 6/10/2003GulfNews: Afraid of loosing a dream
  • 5/21/2003Palestine Film Festival
  • 5/16/2003MEJ: Middle East Justice Scholarship in memory of Rachel Corrie
  • 5/14/2003HA'ARETZ: People and Politics / Sharon's Bantustans are far from Copenhagen's hope
  • 5/10/2003Guardian: UK envoys held at gunpoint by Israelis
  • 4/25/2003Edward Said in Seattle
  • 4/19/2003Israeli troops shoot dead cameraman
  • 4/19/2003Israeli Commandoes In Iraq To Assassinate 500 Scientists
  • 4/18/2003Israeli Occupation Steals Lives
  • 4/17/2003Anti-Palestinians claim another voice
  • 4/8/2003US warplanes bomb Al Jazeera office, kill journalist
  • 4/6/2003HAARETZ: The good, the bad and the propaganda
  • 3/31/2003Madness Translated: Iraq War Lingo 101
  • 3/31/2003DishNetwork to DROP Al-Jazeera...Please FORWARD!!
  • 3/29/2003Israeli nuclear 'power' exposed
  • 3/17/2003American ISM protester killed in Gaza
  • 3/15/2003Free Palestine T-Shirt
  • 3/9/2003NYT: Bush Freezes Mideast Plan During Crisis in Iraq
  • 3/1/2003Truthout: U.S. Diplomat John Brady Kiesling's letter of resignation
  • 2/28/2003Why Didnt You Do Something?
  • 2/24/2003The Daily: 'Jenin Jenin' movie a HIT!
  • 2/21/2003Movie: Divine Intervention
  • 2/19/2003What Really Happened in Jenin?
  • 2/16/2003The World For Palestine screen saver
  • 2/15/2003Independent: Israelis revive their old family ties to gain EU passports
  • 2/13/2003Sharon Faces Belgian Trial After Term Ends
  • 2/9/2003Tony Blair Plagiarizes a 12 year old postgraduate student's thesis for intelligenece report
  • 2/7/2003Famous comedian Jackie Mason incites genocide of Palestinians
  • 2/6/2003URGENT: AAI Action Alert - Inflammatory Praise of the History of Internment Camps
  • 1/20/2003HA'ARETZ: With millstones like these
  • 1/15/2003Urgent Press Release: Palestinian Village Faces Anhilation
  • 1/5/2003Pat Buchanan: Ariel Sharon's shakeup
  • 1/4/2003Palestinians Subjected to New Israeli Technique Called The Lottery
  • 1/4/2003Washington Post: A Brutal Routine
  • 12/23/2002Electronic Intifada report on Rafah
  • 12/13/2002Independent: Israel bans documentary on army's invasion of Jenin
  • 12/12/2002Netanyahu's Nephew Jailed over Refusal to Join 'Israeli Occupation Army'
  • 12/9/2002Palestinians Expose Plot to Create Fake Al-Qaeda Cell in Gaza
  • 12/4/2002Family tells how Israelis buried deaf father alive
  • 12/4/2002U.S. Votes Against U.N. Resolution on Occupied East Jerusalem
  • 12/4/2002Israel plans Hebron demolitions for settler route
  • 12/4/2002Annan questions food aid destruction by Israel
  • 11/29/2002HA'ARETZ: Sharon refuses to issue statement opposing transfer to Jordan
  • 11/26/2002INFORMATIONAL FORUM on the new INS registration requirements
  • 11/25/2002INS special registration requirements
  • 11/24/2002The Independent: Briton killed in Jenin 'pleaded for ceasefire'
  • 11/22/2002Palestinian student treated like terrorist for wearing a flag
  • 11/20/2002Are Israelis Jews?
  • 11/19/2002HA'ARETZ: A Red card for Israel
  • 11/19/2002BBC: AMAZON denies supporting Israel
  • 11/11/2002An Israeli businessman's testimony before the US House of Representatives
  • 11/11/2002HAARETZ: Anyone but Sharon (or Ben-Eliezer)
  • 11/7/2002Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Worsening situation in West Bank, Gaza leaves CARE with less for other needs
  • 11/2/2002FOX News: Our own allies are spying on us!
  • 11/1/2002Claiming to be the only Democracy in the ME, Israel ranks 92nd!!
  • 11/1/2002Ha'aretz: Now we have only hostility in our hearts
  • 10/23/2002Robert Fisk: How to shut up your critics with a single word
  • 10/4/2002Guardian: Al-Aqsa mosque 'may collapse'
  • 10/4/2002MSNBC: Israel practices Arafat’s expulsion
  • 8/6/2002Counting the Costs: Jenin, Journalism & the Desire to Please
  • 8/6/2002HA'ARETZ: Israeli government attempts to strip citizenship from 2 Israeli Arabs
  • 8/6/2002Gush Shalom: Petition: Stop US Aid to Israel (Please forward)
  • 8/6/2002Palestine Chronicle: The 'Other' Self-Hating Jew
  • 7/24/2002Palestinian Women Political Prisoners
  • 7/22/2002Israel bombs residential neighborhood in Gaza using F-16s
  • 7/18/2002Palestine Chronicle: Nobody is More Tired of the MidEast Conflict Than the Palestinians Themselves
  • 7/16/2002Israel Blocks Palestinian ISP
  • 7/16/2002Palestine Chronicle: When the Curfew is Lifted
  • 7/15/2002NY Times: Palestinian Voices: A Deep Despair
  • 7/15/2002HA'ARETZ: The IDF shuts away the sea at Rafah
  • 7/15/2002Al-Ahram: The fence at the heart of Palestine
  • 7/15/ All Quiet on the West Bank Front
  • 7/12/2002An appeal from the Governorate of Bethlehem
  • 7/12/2002HA'ARETZ: Back to full occupation
  • 7/12/2002BBC: Palestinian anguish at Jordan border
  • 7/11/2002NY Times: Mideast Strife Loudly Echoed in Academia
  • 7/11/2002NY Times: The Wrong Target
  • 7/11/2002Edward Said: One-way street
  • 7/9/2002SF Chronicle: Intel could face political, legal problems with chip plant in Israel
  • 7/8/2002FreeSpeech TV: Film maker Visits Palestinian Refugee Camps in Lebanon
  • 7/8/2002HA'ARETZ: Government backs bill to allot state land for Jewish use only
  • 7/7/2002BBC: Jenin Video (The killing of 2 children by the IDF)
  • 7/7/2002Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney of Georgia
  • 7/4/2002TIME: Imperialism is suddenly fashionable. Just ask the Palestinians
  • 7/3/2002HA'ARETZ: Up on the Jungle Gym, Charge!
  • 7/3/2002NY Times: Dreams of Land Collide as Israeli Settlers Grow
  • 7/3/2002Boston Globe: What Bush doesn't know about Palestine
  • 7/3/2002Counterpunch: The Full Story of Resolution 242: How the US Sold Out the Palestinians
  • 7/3/2002HA'ARETZ: How Abd a-Samed became the 116th child killed in Gaza
  • 7/2/2002The Daily Star: Trial by Publisher: American Authors on Palestine Battle to be Heard
  • 7/2/2002Seattle Times: Bush's speech undermines U.S. role in the Middle East
  • 6/30/2002Arafat Calls for Democratic Elections in the United States -- World Reaction is Mixed
  • 6/27/2002Raising Our Voices: South Asian Americans Address Hate
  • 6/27/2002HA'ARETZ: Jobless in Gaza
  • 6/27/2002NY Times: Bush Says Palestinians Will Lose Aid if They Keep Arafat
  • 6/27/2002Robert Fisk: I wonder why Bush doesn't let Sharon run his press office
  • 6/27/2002Independent: Blair joins Canada and refuses to demand that Arafat quits
  • 6/26/2002Demonstration: Release the Hamoui’s NOW
  • 6/26/2002Boston Globe: News outlets pressed on bias in Mideast coverage
  • 6/26/2002Ta’ayush presentation
  • 6/26/2002NY Times: Israeli Curfews Expand Hardships Imposed on Palestinians
  • 6/25/2002Independent: Robert Fisk: Fatal vision: how Bush has given up on peace
  • 6/25/2002NY Times: European Leaders Praise Bush but Not His Call to Remove Arafat
  • 6/23/2002NJ.COM: CNN says it erred in its coverage of Israel-Palestinian conflict
  • 6/22/2002MSNBC HARDBALL: Congressman Tom DeLay's reaction to Ted Turner's statements about Israelis being terrorists
  • 6/21/2002PALESTINE CHRONICLE: Oliver Stone Says Israel Has No Business in the West Bank
  • 6/20/2002ALERT: Congressman Jay Inslee of Washington reverses his position on H. Res. 392
  • 6/20/2002HA'ARETZ: Don't blame the messenger
  • 6/19/2002Ha'aretz: Black, Jewish congressmen to meet to discuss support for Israel
  • 6/19/2002CNN: Ted Turner speaks out on Mideast conflict
  • 6/19/2002CNN: Palestinians say they concede right to return
  • 6/18/2002BBC: Analysis: America's new Christian Zionists
  • 6/18/2002Israel, Palestinians both guilty of terrorism, Ted Turner says
  • 6/18/2002Robert Jensen: Rhetoric distorts realities
  • 6/17/2002AP: Illinois Plans Israeli Bonds Investment
  • 6/17/2002Baltimore Sun: Harsh words trample Palestinians' hopes
  • 6/17/2002Top Lawyer Urges Death For Families Of Bombers
  • 6/16/2002The Palestine Litigation Project...Please forward
  • 6/16/2002NY Times: Why Security Must Be Globalized
  • 6/14/2002D9 Dozer driver: "I made them a stadium in the middle of the camp"
  • 6/14/2002Independent: Starbucks the target of Arab boycott for its growing links to Israel
  • 6/13/2002Please FWD and Vote: First Baptist's Vines Under Fire
  • 6/13/2002CNN: Southern Baptist leader won't reject slurs on Islam
  • 6/13/2002Tea Break with Abu Nathmi
  • 6/11/2002HA'ARETZ: Better go out with a bang
  • 6/11/2002A Not So Angry Response to an Israeli "Peace Activist"
  • 6/10/2002Protest over settlement in Arab East Jerusalem
  • 6/10/2002MARCH FOR JUSTICE: Candle Light Vigil
  • 6/9/2002NY Times/ Ariel Sharon: The Way Forward in the Middle East
  • 6/7/2002Norman Finkelstein's lecture is available online!
  • 6/7/2002Remembering Mahmoud Musa Z'khaika with sadness, affection, and shame
  • 6/7/2002Settlements Expanding Under Sharon
  • 6/6/2002Seattle Speaks Out!
  • 6/5/2002The Ninth Crusade - Please forward
  • 6/4/2002PA warns: Israel might carry out genocide in Palestine in case of war between India and Pakistan
  • 6/2/2002HA'ARETZ: Payback time
  • 5/31/2002Jihad Altiti set out in revenge
  • 5/31/2002Brutality in Nablus defies reason
  • 5/30/2002Cadence engineer fired for activism
  • 5/28/2002HAARETZ: Analysis / The barrier will finally come
  • 5/28/2002On both sides of the Mideast conflict, suffering hits close to home
  • 5/26/2002HAARETZ: Boycotting the media
  • 5/25/2002Arabic Summer Camp
  • 5/25/2002Palestinian Baby Dies After Birth at Israeli Post
  • 5/23/2002[EVENT] Invitation to Dialogue
  • 5/23/2002Mossad keeps comprehensive files on prominent Americans
  • 5/22/2002NORMAN FINKELSTEIN, An alternative view to Daniel Pipes
  • 5/22/2002[Media] on KEXP 90.3 - "Mind Over Matters"
  • 5/22/2002HAARETZ: No longer fit for studies
  • 5/21/2002Request for assistance
  • 5/19/2002[URGENT] Jenin War Crimes Investigation Petition
  • 5/16/2002[ACTION ALERT] Article in Seattle-PI by ERIC LEIBMAN "Don't hold Israel to double standard"
  • 5/15/2002[URGENT] "Kosher Nostra Scam", Please read and forward
  • 5/13/20022 Israeli nationals arrested while driving a Ryder truck with traces of TNT near US Air Base in Washington
  • 5/10/2002[EVENT] Remember 1948
  • 5/7/2002Petition
  • 5/7/2002Palestine Film Festival
  • 4/30/2002Proud of our crowd!
  • 4/26/2002[URGENT] Contact your representative now!
  • 4/25/2002VOP members on the Dave Ross show (KIRO 710 AM) this Monday
  • 4/23/2002Got racism?
  • 4/20/2002Help rebuild the refugee camp's youth center
  • 4/16/2002[URGENT/PLEASE FORWARD] Jenin massacre unfolds
  • 4/15/2002Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi in Seattle
  • 4/14/2002CNN's clear bias
  • 4/11/2002THANK YOU and GREAT JOB!!
  • 4/5/2002[URGENT] Boycott Israel NOW!!
  • 4/3/2002[URGENT] Today's poll results
  • 4/1/2002[Media Action Alert] Seattle community in local news coverage
  • 4/1/2002PROMISES
  • 3/30/2002[MASSACRE] Israel kills 5 Palestinians in cold blood!!
  • 3/28/2002[Announcement] "End the Occupation, End the Violence"
  • 3/23/2002[Action Alert] Please view, forward, and question the media.
  • 3/22/2002[ACTION ALERT] Release the Hamoui Family letter
  • 3/22/2002Justice for Immigrants
  • 3/21/2002"Day of fasting for the Palestinian suffering"
  • 3/19/2002[UPDATE] 5th Seattle Arab and Iranian Film Festival
  • 3/15/2002Who and What Will They Accuse Next?
  • 3/14/20025th Seattle Arab and Iranian Film Festival
  • 3/13/2002Israel=Nazi
  • 3/12/2002Judge=Jury=Executioner

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